lino print leaves

a sketchbook drawing from yesterday.

i’ve been doing some website updating and also made a facebook page, come visit! 

a whole picture!

ps i have a facebook page now have a look!

a little bit of a drawing

a house in germany i drew as a present recently! it was fun to draw/made me want to go on a mountain holiday. 

stop eating my herbs you little jerks 

new mugs / lino printed boxes!

these are for sale on my etsy shop + also at all good stuff in sheffield

Anonymous asked: Hi Natalie! How did you make your "Windowsill"? Did you sketch first and finished it in photoshop? :) Really love that drawing.

hi thank you! yes i drew it in pencil then cleaned it up a bit/coloured it in photoshop. the original drawing looks like this 


garden drawings every day

wow this was featured on the tumblr radar last night! hello new followers (: 

allisonranieri asked: Your plant and landscape drawings are a pure delight to look at!!

aww thank you! that is so nice (: i’m lucky to have lots of amazing landscapes around me!